An Ounce of Prevention Now is Worth a Pound of Performance All Year Long.  This is especially true with Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance.  And Devco is the best in Ukiah.

Every business should have an item in its annual budget for regular maintenance of its HVAC equipment. Why is it important? What would happen if we did not perform, or even reduced, the amount of scheduled maintenance?  The easy answer is that maintenance is the least expensive way to maintain your HVAC equipment. Regularly scheduled maintenance, performed by a properly trained service technician, provides many benefits.

  • Coil cleaning helps maintain the required performance of the system. This enables the compressors, fan motors and valves to work at their highest efficiency.
  • Quarterly filter changes help keep the indoor coil surfaces clean, maintaining efficiency and prolong the life of the unit.
  • Annual blower belt changes reduce the probability of nuisance service calls and unnecessary downtime.
  • Scheduled inspections of the safety and operating controls and electrical components ensure your equipment is functioning according to the manufacturer specifications.
  • Finding irregularities before they cause a system failure saves you time and money and keeps the building occupants

happy and comfortable.

Proper maintenance will reduce the number of annual service calls on your HVAC equipment. It will also result in fewer system failures and a longer life for the equipment. Your investment in regular maintenance will pay for itself.

HVAC maintenance also delivers a number of benefits that may not be easily measured on a balance sheet.

With equipment running at peak performance and the number of service calls minimized, building owners will realize increased occupant comfort, tenant retention, and, hopefully, greater peace of mind knowing the mechanical systems are well maintained.

Preventative Maintenance extends the life of you HVAC equipment, prevents emergency service calls by finding most problems before they cause unit failure, guarantees that your employees and customers comfort, reduces energy consumption and provides our customers with peace of mind.

We always use high efficiency pleated disposable air filters to ensure best possible air quality for your customers and employees.


  • Inspect/replace filters
  • Tightening/check electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant pressures/levels
  • Check for proper voltage and amp draw
  • Oiling and greasing motors as required.
  • Check and clean burner assembly(s), pilot(s) as needed. Ensure that all controls are working properly.
  • Adjust equipment for highest efficiency.
  • Complete system analysis.